Frequently Asked Questions - Faq

FAQs - Faq

We accept all preloved toys, children's bikes,dolls,soft toys,plastics.

Everything is checked before it is distributed to ensure they comply with our high health and safety standards.

Toys,bikes etc;are checked,cleaned and repaired where necessary and donated to charities and organisations that work with children.

All dolls and soft toys are checked,cleaned and sorted into different catorgaries before being distributed. Hundreds of soft toys are sent over to  Cambodia.

When sick children are presented to the hospital they are given a doll each.Their siblings also receive one. They also take pencils,crayons and drawing aids.

Parents are encouraged to bring their children to our workshop to see first hand what happens to their beloved toys etc;

No. We only repair toys to give to charities.

Yes. We have six team members who check and repair battery operated toys,remote controlled cars etc; Unfortunately we can't repair everything but they do their best before anything is discarded.

We can only deliver locally free of charge - Northern Beaches NSW

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We appreciate the media coverage and support of the Manly Daily, Pittwater Online.

The group also appreciate the help and support of Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre AKA Kimbriki Tip.